Its About More Than Just Boots

Bennetic International Company is deeply committed to enhancing the environmental and social impact of our products and operations. We exclusively collaborate with manufacturers and suppliers who uphold the highest ethical standards, reflecting our core brand values. Despite being a small company, we consistently go the extra mile to make a meaningful positive difference

Our Growing Team

Team Bennetic encompasses more than just co-founders, equity-holding employees, or manufacturing partners. When we think of Team Bennetic, we envision all the individuals who devote themselves to crafting each material for our products, the local communities where these materials originate, and, of course, our incredible customers like you! It’s an Honor to create products we adore and to contribute positively to the lives of everyone in the Team Bennetic family. From all of us, thank you!

Responsible Manufacturing

Aside from providing top-tier craftsmanship, our manufacturing partners have continually shown a dedication to fair labor practices and environmental responsibility. Our Head of Production or another team member conducts in-person audits of all manufacturing partners at least once per quarter. These audits ensure that proper labor standards, operational maintenance, and waste management protocols are being upheld.

Ethical Sourcing

Every day, we wake up with enthusiasm to create products we’re proud of, not only in terms of achieving the highest quality but also in doing so responsibly. All the bovine leather used in our products is sourced from Tier 1 cattle. Furthermore, we exclusively collaborate with tanneries that offer traceable material records and have earned high accolades from the Leather Working Group (LWG) for their environmental practices and chemical management. We conduct regular in-person visits to all key material suppliers and require similar audit documentation from hardware, lace, and sole manufacturers. Given the prevalent unfair labor and environmental practices in the shoe and leather industries, we are committed to setting a higher standard.

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