Creating a High Quality Luxury footwear without Luxury Markup

At bennetic we hand make footwear using highest quality materials ranging from leather to soles to laces all at once resulting in highest quality footwear made with extreme care and putting attention to very detail in making every single pair.

Our vision is simple and clear that our fantastic customers deserve everything, we work really very hard in selecting and sourcing best materials from across the globe as we strongly believe that the high quality of materials used when perfected with ultimate craftsmanship brings the best product which again goes through rigorous testing processes finally results in the product which is versatile,durable and commendable and that is what we do at bennetic.

Being a New label that too with a Direct to Consumer approach we have this freedom to innovate rigorously with Quality,Design,Comfort Most Importantly all of our products go through the highest level of testing and Inspection before going into your feet.

Designed and Handcrafted in India with Love, At Bennetic we do not and will never compromise with quality and craftsmanship.

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