Why bennetic?


The Idea Of bennetic came just during our Mba days in Pune Maharashtra when Interestingly we were taught in marketing about how india is the country who consumes the products from other countries  and as the data shows you will hardly find any Indian brand selling the products to other countries specially USA and European countries, so as being a marketing student and Youth we thought to do a High Quality shoes startup made Using LWG certified leathers and with all the premium raw materials with comparatively affordable pricing. Initially it took months to get good people from footwear industry and one day fortunately we found a Mentor from footwear design and  development Institute based out in Noida and they taught and helped us in manufacturing best quality products without any compromise on the quality, Two years down the line and we have been able to sell around 10k pairs and with support of you all we are going to make the dream of becoming a brand from India a reality. As a brand, we are constantly striving to be that Indian fashion brand you will admire, be proud of and recommend happily to friends & family. This is why, as far as possible, we go the extra mile to make sure our product materials, processes, and everything else have responsibility written all over it.  Kudos to the saying Made in India For the World.


All of our products are handcrafted by skilled artisans at world-class manufacturing facilities. We currently manufacture products in Noida (Uttar Pradesh), Bangalore (Karnataka),and Chennai (Tamil Nadu). We have full-time team members in every location we manufacture in, and feel confident to proudly say that all of our suppliers and manufacturing partners offer the best quality craftsmanship and adhere to the highest fair labor and environmental stewardship standards.


Our products are handcrafted alongside similar products from other brands that charge you 2-3x more per pair. Through responsive production, a lean business model, and long-term thinking, we’re able to make zero compromises in terms of quality materials, manufacturing, or business ethics and provide you a best-in-class product at a good price. We simply believe that offering you a great value is the foundation to long-term business success and is the right thing to do.


We are proud of our manufacturing processes and are fully committed to building products and a brand with Quality. If you have any questions about our process, commitment to quality, or want to know where a specific product was made, feel free to send us a e-mail We would be happy to answer your questions!

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