Buy Chelsea Boots Men

Buy Chelsea Boots Men: Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Style

Those who love iconic fashion always have a soft-spot for Chelsea Boots in their hearts. Chelsea Boots are among the most loved footwear brands, which originated in the year 1837.

A Royal Beginning

These boots were first and exclusively designed for the House of Queen Victoria, and the brainchild behind its majestic design was J. Sparkes-Hall, a very famous bootmaker of his time.

It is said that Queen Victoria herself had requested Hall to give her a boot of special no-lace design, as the laces of ordinary footwear used to get stuck in her dress whenever she’d go for horse riding. In that era, these boots were called Paddock Booth, because they were by and large worn while horse riding.

Apart from no laces, Chelsea Boots had another great feature. The side strip of these boots was made from vulcanized rubber, which allowed the user to put them on and off quite easily.

So, Paddock Shoes got the name Chelsea Boots in the 1960s and 1970s, when loud, crowd-capturing rockstars started sporting them in their concerts and public appearances.

Characteristics of Chelsea Boots

Today, Chelsea Boots are loved by fashionistas all over the world due to their simple design and yet versatility. They make a great addition to men’s wardrobe. Defining them is also quite simple: they are the “classic” boots that have maintained their spell over the years and decades, and are still among the trendiest, most stylish, and timeless options for foot fashion.

Now, let’s talk about the basic (design) features of these classic ankle-length boots. Check out the follow subsections –

Elastic Sides

As mentioned before, these boots are widely-appreciated for their elasticated side strips. This very feature can be found on almost every model of Chelsea Boots.

Flexible elastic on side strips provides a close and perfect fitting, and there is no need for buttons or laces to keep the shoes tight. In fact, its elastic sides are the first thing people check when they want to buy black or brown Chelsea Boots for men. It’s like their identity.

brown Chelsea Boots for men

Pull Tabs

Many Chelsea Boots come with two loops, one at the front of the upper and other one at the back of the upper. Also known as pull tabs, these loops allow the wearer to wear them easily and quickly. Without these loops, it would be quite difficult for some people to wear the boots. One simply needs to pull the boot’s uppers and slip the foot in.

Ankle Height

All Chelsea boots are ankle height. This is the most visible feature of these boots. Even at ankle length, these shoes provide great comfort and easy mobility.

Quality Materials

Another great aspect associated with Chelsea boots is that they are made from highest-quality material to deliver the best walking, riding, and fashioning experience to the wearer. And they have been doing so for more than a century.

The sole, the upper, the counter, the heel, and the outsole – everything in these boots is built to deliver comfort and convenience.

Durable Sole

These boots come with varying sole options, which you can choose based on your expectations and needs. In some designs, the sole can be replaced easily, and in others, you will need to replace your boots.

The sole of Chelsea Boots can withhold uses and abuses pretty well, as they are built to be strong. Their sole can keep you at ease even on rough ground.

Points to Consider While Buying Chelsea Boots for Men

Because they are expensive and trendy, it becomes crucial to ensure that you are buying the right pair of Chelsea Boots for men. Here’re a few points to consider –

Chelsea Boots for men

No Zipper – Many online and offline stores sell ankle-length and longer boots with zippers, claiming them to be Chelsea Boots. Some footwear designs have zippers for design purposes while others for fastening the boot. But they are NOT Chelsea Boots.

Buy them only if you are okay with that. But if you do not want to compromise on the brand, buy footwear from authorized and renowned stores only.

Elongated Toe – The toe of Chelsea Boots is longer. It is one of their identifying features. And if it is not elongated, it is surely NOT Chelsea. So, watch for the boot’s toe while buying.

Handmade Leather Sole – If the sole of the footwear you are considering buying is not leather or is faux leather, ditch it; it’s not Chelsea. These classic boots have their soles Handmade made high of leather for superior comfort and resistance against weather..

Chelsea Boots available come with natural rubber studded sole that provide better grip and durability while walking. If you want to embrace the authenticity of Chelsea Boots, shift your focus on the quality of materials.

Elastic – The main focus of makers while designing these shoes is the comfort of the wearer. The elastic side strips on these boots make putting on and off a lot easier. If you don’t find elastic to be fantastic, don’t get those boots; they are not Chelsea.

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 brown Chelsea Boots online

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