Sole and Shoe

The sole is the most integral component of every shoe. Crafted to safeguard the foot, it plays a pivotal role in the shoe’s comfort and durability. All of our soles are exclusively crafted with the finest quality raw materials to guarantee long-lasting comfort and a pleasant walking experience.

What is an outsole?

Although outsoles are the cornerstone of footwear, their essential function is rarely recognised. Simply put, the outsole is the outermost part of the shoe that comes into contact with the ground. It is designed to provide the necessary traction and protection from the surfaces it encounters. Outsole materials can vary, often consisting of rubber, polyurethane, leather, and other synthetic materials. The material used depends on the purpose of the shoe. The outsole is often referred to as the sole of a shoe.

Handmade rubber sole

We Hand Make Our Soles Using Natural rubber studded sheets which offers unsurpassed grip and durability, we utilise it on the majority of our boots. The majority of brands employ PU (polyurethane) material for the soles, which is less pleasant than soles made of natural rubber. In comparison to handmade rubber soles, which are comfy, light, and also excellent for the environment, PU material has a number of drawbacks, including low water resistance, poor permeability, easy breakability, and most importantly, it’s destructive to the Environment.

Handmade rubber sole

We Use modern-styled handmade rubber studded outsoles. The main Differentiator has always been that they are More Versatile, Durable, Quality Consciously developed than those of our rivals. Comfort came first as we worked with our rubber supplier to develop strong, cosy, and traction-enhancing soles. As a young start-up company we have got this leverage to Innovate tremendously with our products for which we work really very hard to get the best things for our customers in our products like the Wanderer, Accord, and Specially in Romeo Series of Chelsea boots we use Handmade Rubber Studded Soles which make our shoes special and Really very comfortable and most Importantly they are Unique in the market, Good-looking and Rarely Used by Any of the Brands. For us, customers comfort comes first and we work hard to source best things for our lovely and loyal Customers.

We are Moving ahead with a Vision to make a Made In India brand go global with our limited but very versatile Range of products made from local craftsmen using the highest quality raw materials available for our footwear.To know more visit our website

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